Sebastian Vettel is the F1 Champion of 2010

Sorry for this late posting but due to internet difficulties I couldn’t post a race report yesterday.

But the most important topics will be discussed right here:

The Top-10: Excellent showing by the usual names, Kobayashi and Kubica but also an extremely impressive drive by Vitaly Petrov. After fending off Alonso for so long, I think the man has deserved a continuation of his contract. Also, kudos on Jaime Alguersuari for taking points and at least putting up one good performance over his team-mate this season.

Nick Heidfeld became the last man to claim the Pineapple Award this season – but since Alguersuari already secured his Pineapple Throne for this season this hardly matters.

Only two retirements, a record low for this season although it looked for a moment Schumacher might get decapitated by Liuzzi’s car. I’m happy that both of them walked away unharmed from this crash – and better luck next season Schumi.

Lotus is now officially the best of the newest teams, leaving Virgin and HRT behind. Next season they will hopefully be racing the other middle-to-bottom-tier teams and I hope the same naturally for the other new teams. I also hope that Lotus Cars comes to a reasonable agreement over their name rights in F1 so that we don’t get two Lotus teams or that Tony Fernandez doesn’t have to rename his team next season.


In all the final race of the season was actually very uneventful but I was more than pleased that Vettel pulled off the victory which one race before seemed like an impossibility. My apologies for Renault and for doubting their motor-making skills. Not only was a Red Bull Renault car the winner of the race, both of their Constructor Team cars were also in the top-10.

I’m a little sad that Button was the first man to fall out of the championship race since it would have been exciting to see him and Vettel go head-to-head, especially since both are excellent drivers. Lewis Hamilton’s chances took an unexpected dive at the end of the season and I’m still not quite sure how things turned out this way. I feel slightly bad for Webber who would have no doubt earned his championship. I still hope he’ll keep racing in F1 because – as I’ve said many times before: You don’t drive a Minardi to points in the first race of your first season with luck, that takes skill.

Vettel’s victory was also justified in light of Ferrari’s team orders and all the other bullshit they’ve been putting out this season. I could maybe respect Ferrari when Kimi Räikkönen was driving for them – but I still don’t like them. After all the rotten luck Massa has suffered this season and last – I’m beginning to wonder where his future lies. All I can say though is, Felipe, don’t get stepped on, you were almost a champ once – it’s time to pull yourself together and do your darnest. Just look at Vettel.

So good luck to Vettel and congratulations to Red Bull. My hope for next season is that Seb and Button will be going head-to-head, but I also hope Hamilton and Webber will put up excellent drives. As for Ferrari… we’ll see.