2010 Brazilian Grand Prix – Race Report

The Brazilian GP in Interlagos has usually been a very exciting race but this year it was more confusing than anything. The only real excitement was in seeing which of the F1 championship candidates would have dropped out of the race. Rather surprisingly a man I had already counted out of the championship race was the winner…

(Also on the nobody cares side of things: Red Bull has now taken the Constructors’ Championship)

The Top-10:

Sebastian Vettel recovered from his disastrous race in Korea and is back on the championship trail, being third in the standings and actually dropping one driver behind him. With Mark Webber following close behind it was a perfect day for Red Bull Racing.

Ferrari’s day could have been better but Fernando Alonso’s third place was still enough to keep him in the championship race.

McLaren also had a solid day with Hamilton finishing fourth and Button, recovering well from a blundered qualifying, finishing fifth. Thus the top-5 of the race was comprised of the top-5 names in the drivers’ championship.

The latter part of the Top-10 was comprised of largely the same names as most races though with only two of them finishing on the same lap as the race-lead. Mercedes GP had a solid race with Rosberg and Schumacher finishing 6th and 7th respectively.

The pole-position starter, Nico Hülkenberg, was the only one of the Williams cars to score points after Barrichello’s botched up lap stops. The Hülk was 8th. Robert Kubica and the Renault team were definitely not at their best, but the Lone Pole finished a respectable 9th. Kamui Kobayashi drove an aggressive race and was the final man in the Top-10.

Golden Pineapple Award Winner: Jaime Alguersuari (Toro Rosso) – Break out the crown for Alguersuari is the Pineapple King of 2010. With his sixth finish as the 11th driver, he and Red Bull have taken the Pineapple Chart by a landslide. (Just realised this stat was already confirmed in Korea – sorry for the confusion)

Drop-out count: 2

The Brazilian GP takes the prize for being the GP with the lowest amount of retirements and only one was for a car that stopped dead on the track. Vitantonio Liuzzi’s Force India slipped up in the first set of curves and caused the safety car to come on to the track. The other retiree was Lucas di Grassi (Virgin) who was left without an official race classification for running 9 laps behind the lead.

Back of the Lot -news:

Lotus Racing were the winners today with Kovalainen and Trulli driving a solid race. Lucas di Grassi was left without an official race result and Christian Klien started 3 laps after everyone else (finishing six laps down). Timo Glock and Bruno Senna at least stayed on the same lap as the Lotuses.