Games in the near future

Okay, it’s been a while since I did a game blog and there’s a reason. I haven’t played all that many new games. I’m still trying to beat Street Fighter 1 and in-between I’ve been playing Break Out (a virtual pool-game from the TG16) and International Karate (C64). But there are some game’s I’m looking forward to…

Metroid: Other M

Yeah I know. It’s been out a while but I’m holding out until my birthday on getting it because it’s much better to have it as a present for free rather than spending a lot of money on the game new. I’m looking forward to it though I didn’t really become a big Metroid fan until Metroid Prime 3, which in my view is heavily under-rated and much better than either Mertroid Prime 1 or 2. The classic Metroids were never really for me and so I don’t know if the new game, which at least in part goes back to the classic side scroller style will be like.

Anyway, I hope the story on this one will be good. MP3 was promising but it sort of lopsided towards the end which was a shame.

Super Mario Allstars – 25th anniversary

So Super Mario Allstars is back on the Wii. I really don’t know whether I’m actually going to get this or not. Quite frankly I find the idea of just re-releasing the Allstars collection on the Wii ridiculous, especially since  you can actually download the classic Allstars off the Virtual Console. Moreover, why not re-release the Super Mario World print of it. And heck, throw in Super Mario 64 and Sunshine in there for good measure (really, I’d appreciate this since I seemed to have misplaced my original copy of Sunshine).

Yeah I know what you folks are thinking: …but it comes with a music CD and a booklet. Oh my, a booklet you say? Well that makes all the difference in the world.

But seriously, beyond the novelty of actually owning the booklet and the music CD, I don’t really see much worth in getting this package. The music CD would be cool, but also extremely redundant owing to the fact how easy it is to get a hold of the game music free online. Secondly, the booklet is really the only thing worthwhile about the package.

To top it off, if Nintendo is just releasing a limited amount of these games they’ll probably all get bought up within a few days anyway. It seems like an incredible waste of money for a bunch of games you can get for one 2000 point-card off the WiiWare and still have half the points left to spend on something else.

Sorry for this rant, let’s move on.

Donkey Kong Country Returns

No-one is more excited than yours truly that a new DKC game is coming out. And although it’s Retro Studios, a.k.a. the wonderful people who produced the Metroid Prime Trilogy, the more more-to-point thing about this instalment is that it’s not Rare. Which makes me a little nervous. The DKC games were awesome but they did seem more like a happy accident at a time when the SNES was really in its twilight years. And the fact that Rare themselves couldn’t transport their awesomeness entirely to the next generation console (though I still think DK64 was a good game) makes me worry if this new DKC will actually be as good as I hope.

One easy way to go would be to copy everything from the first DKC and make the graphics more pretty. But my favorite title was always DKC2: Diddy’s Kong Quest. The music of the DKC games was awesome, but unless they’ll be copying the music entirely from the older games or managed to track down the original composer to make some awesome new tunes, I’m also afraid the game might be a disappointment in this regard.

Gameplay will probably not be a problem. Super Mario Bros. Wii already showed that the 2½D gameplay could be done right, the same reason I’m not worried over Sonic 4 (though I haven’t had a chance to try it out yet). As long as the levels are challenging in a fair way (and not in the ruthlessly – you fuck up, you lose – kind of way as in DKC2) the game itself should be enjoyable.

Really, what I hope to see is whether this will be another master-piece in the series or just half-baked repackaging of the older games.

Xbox 360

Beyond me occasionally picking up the controller to play DeathSpank or Fallout 3, my 360 has really been gathering dust for quite a while. I’m thinking of playing through Mirror’s Edge again but what I really want is for the sequel to come out in the near future. The few game I’m really even interested are still in-production or a good way off. Splatterhouse might be interesting and I’ll probably check it out.

Batman: Arkham City is still a long way off and I’ll have to wait until next year for the new Mortal Kombat as well.

Beyond Good & Evil 2 is in development but I’ll wait and try to play through BG&E1 as soon as it hits Xbox Live… again, some time next year. Right now it doesn’t look very good for the Xbox as far as I’m concerned. Even though I’ve become a survival horror buff I will not be wasting my time with RE5 or Alan Wake either. Looks I need to get some bargain title soon just to keep my interest in the system.