2010 Korean Grand Prix – Race Results

Today’s race was a disappointment for me personally, although it made the Championship Race hit a new critical stage. Unfortunately it seems like only three drivers have a realistic chance at the championship at this point and one of those drivers is not Sebastian Vettel. Even with his retirement Mark Webber is still third in the drivers’ championship with Alonso now in the lead and Hamilton in second place. I personally hope Webber will take the championship since Vettel’s chances of winning the championship are both mathematical and theoretical at this point.

Jenson Button’s failure of a race day puts him out of the championship race as well, a shame since last year he and Brawn GP team were practically unstoppable.

The race itself had lots of slip-ups and collisions but wasn’t very exciting to watch since it was really anyone’s game and a lot was down to whoever could stay on the track. On top of which the first third of the race took place behind the safety car which didn’t entirely kill my enthusiasm only because I was unable to watch the race live and could fast-forward through the recording of it.

The Top-10:

So as should be evident the day was Alonso’s and Ferrari‘s with him taking the first place, his team-mate Massa finishing 3rd thus being the second man in red overalls on the podium. Lewis Hamilton could have been the winner, owing the Vettel’s engine failure, but an earlier slip up made it possible for Alonso to overtake him.

Michael Schumacher had his best race of the season, finishing 4th, and was the only Mercedes GP car to finish when Webber’s wipeout took out his team-mate. The Lone Pole, Robert Kubica, completed the top-5 with a fantastic, solid driver.

Vitantonio Liuzzi, 6th, was the only Force India car to finish when Sutil wiped out after colliding with Kamui Kobayashi who went on to finish 8th with his Sauber team-mate Heidfeld behind him. Williams had a good day with Barrichello finishing 7th and Hülkenberg being the last man in the Top-10.

Golden Pineapple Award: Jaime Alguersuari (Toro Rosso) – The Pineapple Chart has a new king and his name is El Jaime. With his personal fifth Pineapple finish he also strengthens Toro Rosso’s hold on the Pineapple chart lead with 6 finishes in spot-11. With Schumacher back in pace and Petrov in a real do-or-die phase in his career only Jaime’s team-mate has a realistic chance of overtaking him in this result (though I bet he’d much rather keep on staying ahead in points).

Drop-out count: 9

As could be expected from a partially rainy race, there were lots of accidents though most of them surprisingly uninteresting. Only Vitaly Petrov stood out by crashing in front of the pit-lane entrance. This undoubtedly will not reflect well on his career opportunities. Webber could have also had a great day but his spin not only took him and Nico Rosberg out but also brought the safety car back on track.

I feel bad for Timo Glock who could have had a shot at the pineapple prize today had it not been for his crash with Buemi which again brought the safety car on to the track.

The only drivers not to quit due to slip-ups were Jarno Trulli who again suffered from hydraulics problems and of course Sebastian Vettel whose Renault-engine gave out on Lap 45. I believe that Red Bull should consider switching to either Mercedes or Ferrari engines in case Hamilton or Alonso wins the championship.

Back of the Lot-News:

Heikki Kovalainen was the best of the new drivers by default when both Virgins and his own team-mate were taken out by accidents and hydraulics issues. Both HRT cars, Senna and Yamamoto, finished but at this point that hardly matters since both were behind Kovalainen by one lap and two laps behind everyone else.