Resident Evil Movies – Funny Stuff

I did this sort of thing in my old blog as well, but essentially it’s a list of all the silly mistakes, plot-holes and the like from the Resident Evil films. Even though I am a fan I still recognise these films have flaws, all films do after all. In Resident Evil’s case the flaws are funny little things you pick up as you watch the movies and maybe they’ll stick in your head the next time you watch the films.

Also, if you missed my Quick Review of the three films click here to see.

Edit: Afterlife funny stuff added.

Hey and um warning: may contain some spoilers!

  • So why would you store a dangerously contagious, zombie-spawning virus in a glass container anyway? Okay, so maybe the T-virus dissolves plastic – but seems like a bad idea from the get-go.
  • The handwriting on the note that Spence left Alice doesn’t match the hand-writing in the first scene of the movie when Alice reads it. This mistake was admitted by the film-makers on the commentary. Whoopsie!
  • So why did Spence just sit around waiting for the Licker to come after him? My first reaction would have been to run to safety the minute I saw a weird fleshy monster with a long tongue heading towards me.
  • How did Alice and Matt know how to stop the train after Kaplan got eaten? Okay, so in the movie it’s probably just the one switch but I sure as hell wouldn’t know how to stop a train in an emergency.
  • Remember the kick ass trailers for Apocalypse? Remember the Lickers? They were green. WFT? Also, doesn’t it look like Alice is trying to outrun the nuclear explosion in the trailer? XD
  • Isn’t it weird how calm everyone seems when Jill stomps into RCPD and starts busting a cap on all the zombified convicts? And as weird as it is, all these zombies looked really pale.
  • Nemesis had exactly one line in the second movie. I wish he would have kept repeating what he heard… like a lobotomized Hulk. That would have been adorable. =3
  • Where the hell did all the zombie children go after they ate Terry?
  • “What yield?” – The most infamous line from the second film. Jill, honey. Did you just miss what Alice said? They’re dropping a frickin’ A-bomb on the city.
  • “He did the same deal with Dr. Doom as you”, where the hell did L.J. pull that one? =D
  • Even though it’s just a really brief moment in the second film I love how L.J. stops to kick the guard that got taken out by Carlos earlier on. Unnecessary violence for the win!
  • They lifted two scenes from the opening of Resident Evil: Code Veronica in Apocalypse. One was the corridor run with the chopper and the other Claire/Alice dropping her gun and then catching it in mid-air. Here’s something I noticed. In the game none of the guards were following the gun when Claire dropped it; but in the movie the guards goof up and follow  the dropping gun and don’t realize that Alice drops down. I’m not sure which of the scenes is less likely to occur in reality but I think they proved on Mythbusters that you can’t blow up a gas tank just by shooting at it (as Claire did).
  • Poor, poor Caine should have taken himself out with that gun before he ran out of bullets. What was he thinking? Okay, granted he just fell out of a helicopter and was being sieged by an army of zombies so he might have panicked just a tad bit. He also seems to think he’s Shao Khan: “Finish Him!” Really? =)
  • Why does everyone want cigarettes so badly in the third movie? Also I don’t recall Claire being a smoker in the games, but what do I know. =P
  • Didn’t the zombie cop in Extinction actually look a little like Albert Wesker. That was just plain weird. (note: Wesker is in the movie)
  • I’m not gonna lie, that was a lot of Zombies in that one container crate. And they weren’t even huddled together or anything, you couldn’t even see the first ones when the lid fell down.
  • How did no-one notice L.J. was going Zombie? The man was turning whiter than Michael Jackson (R.I.P.)! On that topic, how come Peyton didn’t lose any of his complexion when he turned into a zombie in the last movie (and what is it with black people getting killed in every single film)?
  • Holy crap, that’s a lot of Alices at the end! D8

Afterlife Funny Stuff:

  • How come Tokyo was so empty? You’d think zombies would be flodding the street. I thought there were suspiciously few of them seen at the end of the last movie as well.
  • Did they really need that many torches to light the prison?
  • How come didn’t the plane’s propeller get fucked up when it nearly went over side of the building?
  • So why ‘did’ Alice rapel down the side of the building and not just get in the elevator with everyone else when he threw the charges?
  • Why the heck did Chris catch Wesker’s sunglasses when he threw them?
  • How did Alice know to put the self-destruct device in the right hover-craft? Also gotta love the “I didn’t want you to miss that” line at the end. It was just hilarious. XD
  • Will nothing just plain kill Wesker? Sure Alice put a nuclear device in his chopper but the guy’s just gotta come back for the fifth film.