Team Order Rule to be removed?

What the fudgecake!?

So now it’s official. The FIA apparently doesn’t care about sportsmanship. I am still angry Ferrari got off without any serious penalties for breaking the team order rule but now the FIA is considering removing the team order rule altogether.

The Team Order Rule was one of the few good things to come out of the Schumacher dominant years in F1 and now it’s going to go away. I’m just dazed by the amount of stupidity in the sport as of late. Is there anyone in F1 left with any common sense left.

One things for sure, there’s no second guessing anymore whether or not Ferrari is favoring one of their drivers. And I don’t need to tell why I think that’s complete bullshit. I’m going to try to put these things out of my mind during the Monza race weekend but I sure as hell have no more respect left for the Federation of Incompetent Asses.