Ferrari gets off Scott Free


The FIA in its infinite wisdom has decided not to penalize an F1 team and its drivers for a blatant breaking of the Team Order Rule in F1. I am pissed beyond belief. I really can’t articulate how disappointed I am over the decision. At the very least the drivers’ results on Ferrari’s part should have been disqualified.

The FIA makes another crappy decision and F1 feels a little less of a sport because of it. If Alonso wasn’t 5th in the drivers’ championship and 41 points behind the championship leader this would feel like Ferrari is getting away entirely scott free.

You may notice me not giving a lot of praise to Ferrari in my upcoming Race Reports and personally I think Alonso has soiled the name of the sport with his very existence. I don’t even know why FIA didn’t hand out punishments in this case. All the evidence was right there, everyone heard the radio-messages. Either Ferrari has the most convincing legal team in history or the FIA is being led by a bunch of vegetables.

Where can you really go from here? Upwards I think with FIA having hit the absolute rock bottom in their level of competence.