Silent Hill: Shattered Memories (Full Review)

I’ve played the game through now three times, going for fourth – but I’ve seen enough now to give the game a thorough review…

Gameplay: 4/5 – I have to say that the Wiimote is used well in the game, both with the flashlight and with puzzles. However, the controllers sometimes feel a little sensitive with certain puzzles and strangely enough it feels like you really have to thrash the Wiimote and Nunchuk around when trying to shake off the monsters.

Graphics: 4½/5 – The level of detail is excellent. The game has a very genuine down-to-earth look but still plenty of variety in locations. I only found the characters’ faces extremely unappealing and the blonde trailer-trash Dahlia (if you’re unlucky enough to get her) looked more gross than the monsters in the game. =P

Animation: 5/5 – The cutscenes all look excellent as do the in-game animations. There’s nothing I can complain about in these sections of the game.

Music: 3½/5 – A few of the tunes were nice, some creepy, some nice and creepy. On the over-all, however, very few tunes actually stick in your head which is a shame.

Sound: 4/5 – The voice-acting is top notch with all of the characters sounding genuine. There’s also quite a bit of creepy ambience from the sound department at times. However, the incessant static is the main thing that annoys me about the sound department. Thankfully you can switch it from the Wiimote’s speaker into the TV-speaker where at least you’ll be able to turn the volume down but it’s really not pleasant to listen to at any rate.

Plot: 3/5 – The plot flows along nicely but the ending definitely left me a bit bemused. Also the game isn’t all that long but the cutscenes support the story nicely enough.

Replay value: 3/5 – Through the therapy sessions that intercut with the events of the game you can effect many things from cosmetic details, as in how people look, to more important details, like the ending. It’s fun trying to figure out which choices affect the game’s dialogue for instance but at the same time a lot of events always play out the same way and the puzzles (with the exception of one) never change.

Difficulty: Generally Easy – The game may stump you a few times and during the nightmare sequences you can get easily lost. However, on a general level the answers to puzzles are usually very simple and though you might get momentarily lost in the nightmare sequences figuring out a general direction you should head for and sticking to it is usually the easiest way to get these sections over with.

Score: 77% – Presentation and gameplay wise the game is quite good as well it provides some incentive to play the game multiple times with variations to the game’s ending. However, the game is unfortunately short in length and low on scare factor. Most of the time the game seems to focus more on human vices, short-comings and sex rather than horror. Still an interesting game none the less.