Mario Tennis has been released for the Virtual Console


It’s probably a good game no doubt and I will get it just to show my support for the N64 titles on the VC but really I gotta ask. Where is Donkey Kong 64? Where is International Superstar Soccer? Where is Chameleon Twist? Where is Mischief Makers? Where is Mace: The Dark Age and every other fighting and Midway game released for the N64?

Why does Nintendo only keep releasing its own games for the N64 on VC? Square’s OgreBattle 64 was an impressive break from the norm but c’mon!! At least they could release some other titles from their own catalogue which aren’t Mario or Pokémon related, like F-Zero X and WaveRace. Okay, so 1080 Snowboarding was load of crap but where for Jeeves’ sake is PilotWings 64? I’ve been waiting for it to make its VC debut pretty much since the Wii came out.