More on Shattered Memories

I’ve played the new Silent Hill a little further and thankfully the playing experience is improving. There might have been something wrong with the Wiimote speaker last time and I didn’t run into nearly as much static this time which is a good thing.

Playing the game for a long time still gives me a sore arm. This is because you have to keep pointing the flashlight at your surroundings just to see what’s going on. It’s a big difference to say the Metroid Prime games where you could just rest your arm when you didn’t have to aim at anything.

I still think the characters look butt-ugly in this game but the graphic look of the game, cut-scenes and such are actually pretty impressive on the whole. However, I’m getting a little fed up with the monster chases and having seen the Silent Hill movie I’m kinda disappointed that I’ve only run into one type of creature in this whole game so far, but I guess I’m still pretty much at the beginning.

One positive thing I can say is that for once this feels like a surival horror game that isn’t just about killing monsters. The puzzles have already managed to stun me once and hopefully I’ll get to grips with navigating soon as well.