Silent Hill – Wii

I’m continuing rather faithfully on my current survival horror tangent. Today I bought Silent Hill: Shattered Memories used. It was up rather cheap even new, but hey, saved me about a third of the actual price so sweet.

I’ve only ever played Silent Hill 2 briefly at one point but I’ve been dying to get into the franchise for a long time. Unfortunately my first experience with the game is turning out to be less than spectacular. Firstly the pros though, when you start the game looks awesome, it feels creepy and your only source of light is your flashlight. The voice-acting is also solid which I’m really happy about since in these sorts of games it tends to not be very good.

However things started to go down-hill pretty soon as shit got real. The first thing to hit me was a sore arm but that’s just that I haven’t played a Wii-Nunchuk combo title since I got Metroid Prime Trilogy so it’s gonna take me a while to find a comfortable way to play. However something else about the game really started to tick me off.

As anyone knows, the sound of radio-static is the surest sign of some horrific shit is about to hit the fan in Silent Hill games. They went way overboard on this however in Shattered Memories. Your Wiimote’s speaker acts as the surrogate for a telephone speaker when you call people and listen to voice-mails but it’s also the source of the static noise when there’s puzzles or enemies around. So what’s the problem?

When there isn’t enemies around there sure as hell seems to be a lot of puzzles around. You can’t walk anywhere without having the Wiimote buzzing. It finally got so bad that I turned off the sound on the Wiimote. However, when you need to have the sound on, for instance during a phone-call, you’ll have to raise the volume but that only exposes you to all the static again.

There’s no difference what you set the volume control on with the Wiimote, the static comes in loud and clear and it’s driving me up the wall.

Thirdly, there’s just something about the main characters that makes them look real butt-ugly. Harry in particular looks pretty awful. The rest of the graphics are fine but the people just don’t look at all appealing for some reason. However, I’ve only started the game so I do have a long way to go. Right now the static is my biggest problem but I also hate navigating in this game since it’s hardly self-evident where you’re supposed to go.

All this is making it really difficult to enjoy the creepy atmosphere and fighting off the creatures without any weapons isn’t a lot of fun either. I really hope this game starts picking up soon.