RE – Code: Veronica X (GC, Final Review)

Finally fucking beat it!! There unfortunately wasn’t a big  change to the final score but I’ve altered some of my previous comments. Anyway here’s the review…

Gameplay: 3/5 – On the whole the gameplay works okay. The small size of the D-pad on the GC controller is a bit of a pain but thankfully Claire and Chris respond fast enough that it doesn’t become too big of a problem. However, I have two major issues with the play control, the automatic aim which actually becomes more of a problem the further you get in the game. The other thing, you can’t walk up or down stairs, you have to press A and your character will then walk the steps automatically. I can’t understand the logic of this. And even worse, if you can’t see where the stairs end and there just happens to be a zombie at the bottom, you’re completely helpless as your character walks straight into the enemy’s arms.

Graphics: 4/5 – Okay for the time, especially with the level of detail on the characters. However, the textures are annoyingly blurry at times which I believe is a symptom of the game’s conversion from the Dreamcast.

Animation: 5/5 – Well this is one area where I can’t really complain. All the cutscenes, both pre-rendered and engine generated, look great.

Music: 3,5/5 – For the most part it’s the same dark ambience stuff we hear in most of the other Resident Evil games. Only the mansion theme stuck in my head as particularly memorable. For some reason I got the feeling that some of the tracks would have been more at home in a Zelda or Metal Gear game.

Sound: 3/5 – The voice-acting is a mixed bag. Some of the characters have decent voice actors but Steve, Alfred and Wesker for instance go heavy on the ridiculous. However, the voices are at the very least tolerable.

Plot: 2,5/5 – Even though the plot has some interesting background to it I really didn’t feel the game itself had an especially dynamic storyline.

Difficulty: Easy to Infuriating – At the beginning the game doesn’t feel all that hard if you’ve played Resident Evil games before. However from the halfway point onward the difficulty begins to spike dramatically at times. There are in all three infuriating and hard boss fights in this game. Ironically the rest barely classify as boss fights at all but even regular gameplay gets a difficulty boost once you’re playing as Chris.

Score: 70% – Code: Veronica X has some nice scares but due to its difficulty requires more than one or two tries before the player will really be able to finish the game. The game is far more infuriating in this regard than say the first. Hard-core gamers and fans may in fact enjoy the challenge but I myself grew tired of it several times.