Movies I’m planning on seeing …

Prince of Persia – Probably gonna go this week.

The A-Team – Loved the TV-show and I hope the movie version will do it justice (the concepts are there so I expect the only thing they can fuck up is the casting).

Nightmare on Elm Street – It’s the remake and I’ve only ever seen glimpses of the original. At the very least this gives me an excuse to go and get the original on DVD for comparison.

Predators – Holy Shit!! They actually made a third Predator movie. =D I’m psyched as I totally hadn’t heard anything about this one. Contrary to popular opinion, I actually think the second movie is actually better and more entertaining than the first one with Arnold Schwarzenegger. With all due credit to Ah-nold, without whom the last third of the movie wouldn’t really be worth it, the first Predator just didn’t have the same atmosphere and coolness factor as the second. Nor was it as funny in its stupid, comedy moments in my view. However, my favorite Predator movie of all is actually AVP: Alien Vs. Predator but let’s see if this changes with this new movie…

Yeah, it seems like most of the movies I go to see these days are either sequels to established movies or adaptions of video-games, books (Shutter’s Island), TV-shows or comics (Iron Man 2). Or remakes as in the case of “NOES”. If anyone can recommend me a really good original film that’s coming out in the near future I’d very much appreciate it. The last one I saw was The Men Who Stare at Goats.