Video Game Movies in the near Future

Well, as anyone who knows me is aware of, I’m a huge fan of video game movies but it’s not really looking very promising in this front. Sure, Uwe Boll is still doing his stuff but I really lost my interest in his films after Postal (I’m not gonna bother with his straight-to-DVD releases). There’s a few promising titles in the near future but there’s also unfortunately been some cancellations. For one the Spyro movie has been canned and this makes me sad since it would have provided VG-films with a new avenue to explore.

As for other films worthy of note, here are my thoughts…

  • Prince of Persia – It’s currently in theaters and I will be going to see it. I personally think this will be a great film since it does have the full weight of Touchstone and Disney behind it. Ben Kingsley already has had some experience in VG-films when he starred in the messy Uwe Boll film, BloodRayne. Despite its messiness he was undoubtedly the best actor in the whole cast.
  • Resident Evil: Afterlife – I’ve been a big fan of the RE films since the first one. People are free to their opinion about the sequels but the first film impressed me a hella lot and it only makes me happier to see Paul W.S. Anderson sitting in the director’s chair once again on this one. This one’s coming later this year.
  • Tekken – Apparently the film has already been released in the US but it will only see releases in a few European countries in the Fall. I really haven’t heard much about it and generally I think there are already more than enough movies based on fighting games. Both comedic (Street Fighter, DOA) and more action-packed (Mortal Kombat) ends of this film type are already covered so I’m thinking that the only way for this film to stand out is to try to do what The Legend of Chun Li perhaps failed to pull off, a serious plot-line. We’ll see, and I probably will have to wait for the DVD unless FinnKino picks it up.
  • King of Fighters – Even more elusive than the Tekken film, I’ve got no idea if this film is ever going to see the light of day on DVD or otherwise. KOF is not really my favorite fighting game series anyway and even Tekken’s gonna have a hard time convincing people so all I can say is, let’s wait and see…