Resident Evil (Wii) Review

Well, now I’ve completed the game with both characters, two different difficulty settings and even gotten the best possible endings. I think I’m ready to review this bitch. =)

Gameplay: 4/5 – Although I’ve never been a huge fan of the classic Resident Evil games’ control schemes, once you’ve played them enough you’ll get the hang of them. Aside that the game thankfully has a number of different controller and button layout options so that the playing should feel natural. On top of which the game can be played just with your Wiimote though I personally favor the Classic-controller due to the size of its D-Pad.

Graphics: 5/5 – I really can’t complain, the character models are nice and detailed and the pre-rendered backgrounds all look pretty amazing even by today’s standards.

Animation: 4/5 – In-game animations look great and there’s nothing to really complain about. The cutscenes also look good but there’s a really uneven distribution of them throughout the game depending on whether you’re playing as Chris or Jill. Jill just has a lot more of them and they are also somehow much more dynamic and better than Chris’s.

Music: 4/5 – The game’s soundtrack fits like a glove. The music is excellent in expressing what’s going on and most of the jumps actually come from the musical track. However, I’d be a liar if I said that the RE soundtracks would be the most memorable out there.

Sound: 3,5/5 – The voice-acting isn’t bad but most of the time, especially in Chris’s game, the characters sound real apathetic. The dialogue appears to be much more lively in Jill’s game but that’s also probably since there is a lot more dialogue. Though the voice-acting is thankfully nowhere as cheezy as in RE4, I’m beginning to think that there was at least some entertainment value in it.

Plot: 3/5 – It’s a really straight-forward storyline with only a little variation towards the end concerning if you’re character survives alone. The game’s structured nicely though and I can’t complain but the ending is a little underwhelming.

Replay Value: 3/5 – There are two different difficulty modes and two different storylines. Also you can unlock a third harder difficulty mode. The game does offer at least some reward for playing it but I personally don’t consider the game particularly addicting.

Difficulty: Varies – Apart from choosing the difficulty level, choosing a character also affects the game greatly. At first it may feel like even a regular zombie can kill you easily but you soon learn to adapt and prepare for all sorts of unpleasant situations. On the second go-around the game didn’t feel nearly as challenging as the first time mainly because I was prepared and knew where most of the monsters and such were going to be. The single most annoying thing the first time around is item managing. You’ll be running back to an item-box constantly as Chris and even as Jill you sometimes over-estimate your item carrying capacity and might get stuck with stuff that isn’t really helpful when you’re being attacked by a group of enemies.

Score: 76% – Resident Evil is an alright game. Its strongest aspect is the scare factor but that begins to run dry the further you get into the game. It thankfully contains a lot of (mostly) logical puzzles and figuring out your next goal and achieving it is usually a very rewarding process. However, the game also tends to throw you in a situation where you suddenly get the feeling like you’re fucked beyond belief. If the game had a slightly more involved storyline I might have been moved to give it a better score but as is, it’s a good but not great survival horror game. Still, this is where it all started.