Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem (GameCube) Review

Because of Resident Evil I felt I needed to just show where my high standards concerning survival horror games come from.

Gameplay: 5/5 – Camera-relative movement and being able to attack a specific body part of your enemies is a great help. Also, if you are without an effective projectile weapon you usually have a bladed weapon to use for hacking away at your enemies. The spells you cast can also be assigned to the D-Pad which is very convenient. Added to that, you get to play as a number of different characters, each with their own specific physical limitations which adds to the over-all variety. Never once does playing become problematic.

Graphics: 4,5/5 – There is a great amount of detail in the game and it’s fun to see locations you’ve visited before becoming different in different time periods. However, the definite high point of the graphic look are the hallucinations you begin to suffer as the game goes on. As amazing as the effort seen in the graphic-department is, there unfortunately is no hiding the fact that the game was being designed well before the GameCube’s arrival which unfortunately shows up as occasional choppiness in certain items’ models.

Animation: 4,5/5 – The game has a very cinematic look and feel for the time and the character animations also look excellent. The cut-scenes are also great and the in-game animations and magic effects look very good. However, there are a few instances where the camera-moves are a bit choppy or characters sometimes suffer from slightly jerky movement. However, these are barely noticeable.

Music: 5/5 – Here it’s a bit hard to distinguish what really qualifies as music and what as sound-effects but for the most part the soundtracks are very nice and memorable and fit the moods of the game perfectly.

Sound: 5/5 – The individual creature noises are creepy enough and as your character begins to lose his or her sanity many more creepy and disturbing sound-effects will have you jumping on occasion. On top of this the game’s voice-acting is excellent.

Plot: 4/5 – The plot influences the game a great deal with many cutscenes taking the game along. Over-all the main story might not be all that colourful but the individual characters’ tales are what give extra texture.

Replay Value: 3,5/5 – Aside the alternative storylines and enemies, I just generally feel this game is a lot of fun to play through and especially being able to assign spells and such adds a great level of freedom to the gameplay.

Gameplay: 90% – Eternal Darkness is an extremely creepy game which also feels extremely rewarding. This is largely due to its well thought out control-scheme and a storyline that hooks you in from the beginning as well as puzzles that are simple enough to figure out. The sanity effects are what makes this game distinctly different from other survival horror games since the atmosphere in general gives off a disturbing vibe and there isn’t an emphasis of things jumping at you from out of nowhere.