Mega Fan in Ecstasy!

Mega Man 4 has been released on Virtual Console and I couldn’t be happier. From my Mega Man series overview, you may remember that I gave the game a rather low score of 72% but I’d like to stress this was largely due to cosmetic flaws of the game. The game is also rather challenging so I recommend anyone who wants to give it a try to test their skills with Mega Man 2 or 3 first since those games were far more forgiving with their difficulty (Mega Man 1 wasn’t). All Mega Man games, except for the WiiWare releases (MM9 and 10) are of course the standard 500 points so for one standard 2000 Nintendo points card you will get all of the four classic Mega Man titles currently available.

I’ll be getting the game tomorrow personally and may release a full review of it here later as well. =)