New Nintendo 64 game on Virtual Console

As silly as this may sound, that actually is news worthy material for my blog since the one thing I’ve lamented most about the Wii’s Virtual Console is the small amount of Nintendo 64 games available on it. The new game OgreBattle 64 wasn’t released in Europe originally so it’s an import and costs 1200 Wii points (or 200 points more than a regular N64 game).

Now I’ve ranted in my previous blog quite a bit about the lack of N64 games on the VC and because I don’t want to repeat myself I’d like to just point out a few things.

  1. Nintendo is bringing in a steady stream of import-titles for lesser known system brands like Turbo-Grafx and Neo-Geo, going so far as to import the Japanese only version of PC-Engine’s (TG16) version of Street Fighter II and even the Turbo-Grafx CD exclusive Fighting Street or Street Fighter I and Castlevania: Rondo of Blood.
  2. The standard systems like NES, SNES and MegaDrive already have a bunch of import titles and the NES and SNES keep getting new ones every spring.
  3. There are also Commodore 64, Master System and Arcade ports of games now available.

Why on earth has Nintendo not released more N64 games? The only thing more shameful in my view is how Sega’s Saturn console has also been ignored entirely in the Virtual Console’s library. Now I know there’s an image in a lot of peoples’ heads about these systems having been commercial failures (Saturn rushing its release with no games and Nintendo excluding a large percentage of third party developers) but the fact of the matter is that both systems had plenty of great games. More than the 18 available on the VC right now.